Nine Questions with Geoffrey Castle


Name: Geoffrey Castle

Birthplace: Maryland

Currently residing: Kirkland

Musical past and present in one rambling run-on sentence: Started banging on pots and pans, then a friend showed me the fiddle, played in orchestra, played in marching band (the only violin in a marching band in Virginia history), played music on the street in NYC, played with bands like Onan Flan, Sin City, Groovalaya, 2Kool4Skool, ran blues jams, toured the east coast, played in a Broadway play called M. Butterfly (NOT Madame Butterfly:  that’s the opera by Puccini), moved to Seattle and started over with Guarneri Underground, making world music, started hanging out in local studios, played every outdoor concert and festival in the state of WA – twice – then changed band to Geoffrey Castle Band, then started playing solo – which is where I started – made friends with Roger Fisher who introduced me to Alan White who brought me into an all-star band that tours the world in a private jet, and right now I’m getting ready to go play some Irish music in a pub with my friends.


1. Who are some of your favourite composers, musicians and bands from the past and present?

I was always partial to Beethoven and Shostakovitch. Tchaikovsky too, anything with a BIG orchestral sound.

My listening is so eclectic that this is a really really hard question to answer.

It’s a long list that starts with the Hot Club de France in the 1920’s and ends with Dub-step in the present.

2. Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?

Every time I hear “Sugar Mountain” by Neil Young, I weep uncontrollably.  I’m crying right now while I type this.

3. How would you describe your perfect day?

Any day I’m playing music, and I’m above ground, is a perfect day.

4. What would your friends say they appreciate the most about you?

Maybe that I’m always willing to say I’m sorry after I freak out about something?

Or that I’m good to drive…

5. What is your most valued material possession?

My two six-string electric violins. They don’t make ’em anymore…

6. Who were you, or would you be nervous to meet?

I met Elle MacPherson at an event I was playing. I felt like I was 8 years old.

7. If you could blink your eyes and be in a favourite place right now, where would that place be?

On the beach in the Caribbean! St. Barth’s…

8. Is there something you would like to do more of in the future?

See answer #7…

9. Where would you like to find yourself in ten years?

In 10 years? Alive would be good. Because if I’m alive, and healthy, then I’ll be happy no matter what kind of crazy shit is going on!


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