Nine Questions with Makala Perry


Name: Makala Perry

Birthplace: Puerto Rico

Currently residing: Portsmouth, VA

Musical past and present in one rambling run-on sentence: I started out recording myself in a studio once I left I was blessed with the opprotunity to be on a reality show called I Got This on Wavy Fox 43TV now I am preparing to put out my EP called “Sometimes”


1. Who are some of your favourite composers, musicians and bands from the past and present?

I love Frank Ocean, Lauryn Hill, I LOVE R.Kelly songwriting, I discovered Tina S (AMAZING Guitarist) and instantly fell in love with her!

2. Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?

Lauryn Hill – Zion

3. How would you describe your perfect day?

I would say just relaxing in a open mic and just watching a whole bunch of talent and performing as well!

4. What would your friends say they appreciate the most about you?

The fact that i’m so encouraging, funny, trustworthy and supportive!

5. What is your most valued material possession?

I would say my phone, It has all of my songs in it lol!

6. Who were you, or would you be nervous to meet?

Rihanna! She’s so amazing and seems down to earth but i know i would be nervous to meet her.

7. If you could blink your eyes and be in a favourite place right now, where would that place be?

Somewhere and ANYWHERE tropical!!

8. Is there something you would like to do more of in the future?

Collaborate with more artists and just network and discover more types of talents. I love different stuff!

9. Where would you like to find yourself in ten years?

With a Grammy and still doing music plus very successful!