Nine Questions with Ashly Jane Holland


Name: Ashly Jane Holland

Birthplace: Bozeman, MT

Currently residing: Livingston, MT

Musical past and present in one rambling run-on sentence: Presently we are coming off of the high of being included in the Livingston Town Proper fundraiser at the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture.  We were able to share the stage with John Mayer, Zac Brown and many world-class musicians all the while raising funds for our Park Co. Firefighers!  What a night~

Past, well…it’s been a real amazing musical journey.  Last year was amazing with Red Ants Pants Festival, Targhee Bluegrass Festival, Sweet Pea Festival, Boulder Festival of the arts and more.  We are grateful for all and any opportunities that come our way, the universe has been good to us.


1. Who are some of your favourite composers, musicians and bands from the past and present?

Gillian Welch~simplicity in songwriting at it’s best, while writing killer numbers that you would think are traditional tunes.
Loretta Lynn- she’s an inspiration to me, a self taught songwriter that came from poverty to be where she is today!
George Straitt-handsome and great voice 🙂
Alison Krauss and Union Station
Fiona Apple
Postal Service

2. Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?

Yes, there are many…

The Cox Family, Kiss me mother, has a special place in my heart.  It makes me long for the maternal relationship mentioned, one I never felt.

One more dollar (Gillian Welch)- “A long time ago, I left my home, just a boy passing 20.  Could you spare a coin and a Christian prayer, for my luck has turned against me.

3. How would you describe your perfect day?

A perfect day for me would be to wake up at around 9ish, make some coffee, enjoy it at leisure.  Go to the river with my fiancée Tony, look for Yellowstone River Agates, enjoy lunch, play some music, do some yoga, watch a show and go to bed early…

4. What would your friends say they appreciate the most about you?

Consistency and Honesty. I will be glad to give you my honest opinion, even if it is difficult or uncomfortable.  I want my friends to be the best they can be.

5. What is your most valued material possession?

A diamond ring my grandmother Belva gave me. She is the original “Jane” from Little Jane (we share the same middle name-Jane).  She and I are very close and always have been.  She has given me many precious antiques that I value greatly, but the ring was hers and my grandfathers.

6. Who were you, or would you be nervous to meet?

I would be nervous to meet Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.  I just admire, respect, and value them so much, I think I would be a bit star struck!

7. If you could blink your eyes and be in a favourite place right now, where would that place be?

First thought was White Sulphur Hot Springs.  I love the fresh healing waters there~ it is not crowded and perfectly stinky!

8. Is there something you would like to do more of in the future?

Play music!  I would love to move into a full-time music position, vs. the current part-time music.

9. Where would you like to find yourself in ten years?

In 10 years I will have more time to write and play music.  Combining my non-profit experience in the substance abuse prevention field with music in a way to help folks.  Enjoying a healthy, peaceful life with my sweet guy and dog 🙂

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